10 Photos Of The Most Cringeworthy But Hilarious Summer Sunburns

Summer is finally here and with that comes more opportunities to be outside. Almost everyone will agree that lounging in the sun is one of the great joys in life, and whether it’s by the beach, the pool, or anywhere else, many of us can’t get enough of the sun.

As much as we might love the sun, it doesn’t always love us back… There’s such a thing as too much sun, as we can clearly see in the countless embarrassing photos that people have shared online.

Prepare yourself for some laughs and some shockingly bad sunburns as we’ve compiled ten of the most hilarious yet cringe worthy photos of the worst summer sunburns shared online.

The Perils of Wearing a Tank Top On a Sunny Day


Source: Pinterest

Unfortunately, a lot of people can empathize with this sunburn as it’s one that many of us have gotten before when working or playing outside and wearing a tank top. We might have had something like this burn, but this one is severely bad and you can’t help but feel awful for this guy and what was likely a very painful few days.



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