10 GIFs That Prove Our Pets Are Smarter Than Us

Some animals are very smart, and some humans are very not-smart. Sometimes this combo adds up to pets being much smarter than their human owners, and it’s pretty hilarious to watch.

We should probably be clear — this does not mean you have to worry about your pets taking over the world any time soon, it just means you should watch out for your pet embarrassing you in the future. Second, you definitely want to see these GIFs!

Humans can usually lay claim to the title of smartest animal on the planet, but these ten GIFs of pets outsmarting their owners might give you cause for doubt!

This Bunny Won’t Do What You Want

Bunny’s are clever little animals, and this one is no exception. Clearly some silly humans were trying to make it run through an obstacle course, but the bunny wasn’t having any of it. By taking off the top two rungs he made his life a lot easier and showed his owner who the boss is.



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